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Welcome to Allie Chiropractic Clinic: Your Family Chiropractor in St. Paul

On behalf of our entire team, we'd like to welcome you and your loved ones to Allie Chiropractic clinic, your source for natural healing, injury treatment, wellness care, and pain management in St. Paul MN. Either chiropractor at our clinic will be more than happy to provide your whole family with safe, effective care for an amazingly wide range of conditions. We're confident that you'll come to know and trust us as your primary health and wellness advisors -- starting with your first detailed look at the many features listed on this website.

Looking for a St. Paul Chiropractor? Meet Our Experienced Team

Here at Allie Chiropractic Clinic, the only thing better than having access to a skilled St. Paul chiropractor is having access to two skilled St. Paul chiropractors to serve your needs. Dr. David Allie, a graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, spent several years as a massage therapy practitioner before training to become a chiropractor -- giving him valuable additional insight into health and wellness care. He has been serving the community as a chiropractor since 1992. Dr. Steven Hagstrom, a fellow Northwestern College of Chiropractic graduate, is also trained in multiple disciplines, providing acupuncture as well as chiropractic treatment. With the aid of Dr. Allie's sister Teresa as our office manager, we're able to provide young and old alike with the highest standards of professional care and customer service.

A Happier, Healthier Life Through Conservative Healing Modalities

In a world where patients are often besieged by surgical recommendations and pharmaceutical prescriptions, it's great to know that most health challenges can be managed or even completely relieved through safer, more conservative modalities. Here at Allie Chiropractic Clinic, we can combine a variety of such treatment methods to create individualized holistic plans for each and every patient. You and your loved ones will benefit from:

  • Chiropractic care - We offer spinal and postural screenings to spot any situations that may require correction. Our chiropractic adjustment techniques can then restore the proper alignment and function to your joints.
  • Physiotherapy and corrective exercises - Let us create a program of corrective exercises and specific physiotherapy methods, from traction to ultrasound, to help you heal faster and conquer pain.
  • Expert health counseling and guidance - Our nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice can help you take better care of your body.

Visit Our St. Paul Clinic Today

Allie Chiropractic clinic looks forward to becoming your strategic partner for a healthier, happier life. Schedule an online appointment or call us at (651) 487-5334 to schedule your first visit to our St. Paul Clinic!

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Meet the Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    David Allie

    Dr. Allie was born in 1957 and was the fifth child in a family of ten consisting of 2 boys and 8 girls. He was raised on the east side of Saint Paul and attended grade school at St. Patrick’s School. He graduated from Johnson High School and went on to complete 2 years at St. Paul Technical Vocational Institute, 3 ½ years at Lakewood Community College and 3 ½ years at Northwestern College of Chiropractic.

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  • Dr.
    Steven Hagstrom

    Dr. Hagstrom is a longtime resident of Mahtomedi, MN. He graduated from the College of St. Thomas and received his doctorate in chiropractic from Northwestern College of Chiropractic. He received additional training in acupuncture and is licensed as a Chiropractor to perform acupuncture in conjunction with his treatment.

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  • Teresa

    Teresa is Dr. Allie’s sister and has been the office manager at Allie Chiropractic since 1992. She enjoys cooking, bowling, spending time with her family and playing with her granddaughter.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    "I consider Allie Chiropractic Clinic a saving grace for me. I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain for months and just only after 2-3 sessions of adjustments, my lower back pain is almost completely gone. The atmosphere is friendly and you can truly feel like you have a safe open space where you're looked after with care and compassion."

    Chris Vang

    "Dr Allie - He listens to you problem and then analyzes it. He is very good at problem solving.He not only helps with alignments but also with tense muscles. I had traumatic foot surgery 2 yrs ago. After 36 PT sessions and do them everyday. Also was taking 2 pain pills a day. Thought I had to live with it! Couldn’t stand it . So, went to see Dr. Allie - He has a special machine that relaxes muscles. I knew he could help me and he did! Now off all pain meds. Happy patient!"

    Lolly Hiber

    "I consider Allie Chiropractic Clinic a saving grace for me. I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain for months and just only after 2-3 sessions of adjustments, my lower back pain is almost completely gone. The atmosphere is friendly and you can truly feel like you have a safe open space where you're looked after with care and compassion."

    Chris Vang

    "I have been going to Dr. Dave for 20 yrs and he has never let me down on his treatments. His office can always "get me in" on short notice. They are all very friendly and always has a smile"

    Teresa McFadden

    "Very great doctor, will help you with your pain and get you better. I am sincerely recommend you to see him."

    Ronal Wah

    "Most amazing help ever!!!"

    Hayden Dean Lee

    "Dr Allie and his staff are without question the BEST in the cities!!"

    Matt Dickson

    "I have been going to Dr. Allie for almost 30 yrs and I don't know what I'd ever do without his care. My Aunt was his very first patient and he has been like a member of our family. His entire staff is awesome."

    Barb Zaun

    "Doctor Allie is the absolute best! He treats our whole family and we have been going to him for years. Whenever I have an issue with my back or shoulder, he is the first call I make and his employees are always so accommodating."

    Katy Keller

    "I love this clinic! Excellent customer service and providers. I especially like that you need to be seen, you can usually get an appointment scheduled the day that you call!"

    Samantha Marie Privratsky

    "I have had several treatments with Dr Dave Allie and would recommend this clinic to anyone."

    Camile Wilkie

    "I love this clinic! Excellent customer service and providers. I especially like that you need to be seen, you can usually get an appointment scheduled the day that you call!"

    Samantha P.

    "Best chiropractor ever! I just learned yesterday that Dr. Allie even knows how to fix toes. I've been limping for 2 months after stubbing my second toe. The first podiatrist I saw that I had a sprained ligament, and that it would take all summer to heal. He offered nothing to assist me. The second podiatrist I saw told me that I had capsulitis, and that my toe might require surgery. She offered me a supportive shoe, and said that I should return in three weeks for further x-rays and to determine a plan of action. After adjusting my back and shoulder, dr. Allie told me that he had a lot of experience fixing toe problems. He explained that sometimes one of the toe bones can get jammed into the joint and stuck under another toe bone. First he pulled hard on the toe, which did not hurt. Then he had me lie on my stomach, and used his drop table system to press on and adjust the toe bone, which did not hurt either. As soon as I stood up and walked around I could feel an immediate difference. The bottom of my foot once again felt flat. Now here it is the next morning and the substantial swelling of my foot and toe is mostly gone and I can walk normally again. Amazing! ☺ Thanks Dr. Allie!"

    Salina Amey

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